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No matter whether German employees travel abroad or foreign business partners come to Germany: There are countless regulations around the topic of visas. Mistakes can have unforeseeable financial consequences.
Machine data can also be used for intelligent service products. Many customers are still sceptical - nevertheless, machine and plant manufacturers should take action now.
Digital production is also changing the way work is organised. We need employees who help to shape the company and act on their own responsibility - and managers who break away from hierarchical structures.
Fewer errors, faster throughput times and higher discount rates: The potential of automated invoicing is obvious. But also other commercial processes benefit. How you can improve not only your accounting with automated processes.
Risks are part of project business. But with carefully prepared contracts you are on the safe side. An experience has brought to light what you absolutely have to consider.
There are many statutory regulations relating to machine safety - and almost as many questions. The VDMA East held an experience exchange event to discuss key topics.
Automated, digitized processes can also effectively support the purchasing managers in the companies. This applies to both order processing and product optimization.
In the course of digitisation, many questions remain unanswered in training. Nevertheless, trainers must not lose any time in actively tackling the innovations now.
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Reinhard Pätz
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