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representation of interests

Varied representation of interests

We work hard on behalf of the concerns of the regional economy and are therefore in a regular dialogue with state governments and ministries, research and educational organisations, administrative bodies and financial institutions in eastern Germany.

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Helping to shape economic policy

The primary goal of VDMA Ost is to clarify the value of industry and mechanical and plant engineering as the biggest industrial employer in Germany and as locomotive for economic expansion and growth towards the world of politics and society as a whole.

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Promoting education policy

Education policy is one of the key fields of the VDMA Ost. Together with our members we work in projects which serve the purpose of meeting the need for skilled staff.

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Press and public relations work

We inform the media environment, multipliers and the general public about the levels of performance and innovation in the field of mechanical and plant engineering and the future viability of the sector.

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